Application is hereby made to Rival Arts Production Company Ltd. the Organiser, for exhibit space at the event.

This application and contract, when properly executed by the exhibitor and accepted by Rival Arts Production Company Ltd. shall be considered a binding agreement between the two parties concerned.


All bookings will be held provisionally for 14 days until a post dated cheque is received dated six weeks prior to the opening day. On receipt, confirmation will be sent together with event details. Refunds will not be given within six weeks of the opening day, except in extreme circumstances, assuming that the stand can be reallocated to another exhibitor. Stands that are booked within six weeks of the opening day should be paid for in full at that time. All payments should be made to Rival Arts


Cancellation of space by exhibitor must be sent by post or email by a duly authorised person. Payments received are not refundable within six weeks of the opening day of the event and exhibitors are recommended to ensure adequate insurance cover against any such loss.

It is understood that the organisers, reserve the right at its option to reassign cancelled space and that subsequent reassignment of cancelled space does not relieve the cancelling exhibitor of his obligation to pay the amount referred above.

Where space applied for and granted is not occupied by the exhibitor, and cancellation has not been notified as above, the exhibitor shall pay to the organisers, a sum in liquidated damages equal to the full reservation cost, The organiser reserves the right to reallocate their option.

Exhibitors and their exhibits must comply with the regulations of the owners of the venue, the landlords of the buildings and land, the Local Authority, the Fire Services and any special regulations relating to matters of safety, security, admittance and other Introduced by the Organiser.

Exhibitors must ensure that they have adequate insurance cover for their staff, exhibits and public liability.


The exhibitor agrees that it will at all times supervise the stand or space allocated to it (referred to as the stand) and all plant and equipment thereon and will take every care to ensure that members of the public and other exhibitors visiting the site or stand are safe from injury of loss resulting from exhibitor’s participation in the exhibitors.

The exhibition management hereby excludes all liability from losses costs, exhibitor vehicles both on and off site, expenses, injury or damage (whether direct, indirect, Consequential, special or otherwise) howsoever caused to, or incurred by the exhibitor in connection with the exhibition or the use or misuses or place or availability for use by the exhibitors, its servants or agents, or members of the general public of the site, stand, equipment, facilities or services supplied either by the exhibition management or by the exhibitor.

The exhibitor warrants that all advertising or promotional material, ideas or activities and catalogue and handbook entries issued by the exhibitor or supplied to the exhibition management for publication by exhibition management will

  1. not infringe the property or other rights of third parties and (b) contain nothing of an illegal, libellous, or scandalous nature. The exhibitor will indemnify the exhibition management against all costs, expenses and liability how ever so incurred in connection with any claim made against the exhibition management by any third party arising from any breach by the exhibitor including (without limitation) obligations under the occupiers Liability Acts 1957 to 1984, or from the infringement by the exhibitor of any third party rights, and will ensure itself fully against liability for any cause under this clause.


The exhibitor is responsible for all claims arising from personal injury or damage to property arising in connection with the erection and dismantling of the exhibitors stand and anything permitted, omitted or done thereon or therefrom during the period of the exhibition or construction and dismantling periods caused directly or indirectly by the exhibitor or any contractors, subcontractors, servant, agent, licensee or invitee of his or the act, omission or neglect of any such person or by an exhibit, machinery, or any other articles or thing of the exhibitor or in the possession of or use of the exhibitor or any servant or agent of his. The exhibitor will indemnity the Organisers in respect of each and every such claim and all actions, proceedings, costs, claims and demands in respect thereof. The exhibitor must take out adequate insurance in respect of all such claims.


If the exhibition is cancelled, or abandoned by reason of war, fire, national emergency, labour dispute, strike, lock out, civil disturbance, inevitable accident, the non availability of exhibition premises or any other cause not within the control of the Organisers, whether ejusdem generis or not, the Organisers may at their entire discretion repay the rental paid by the exhibitor or part of such rental, and shall be under no liability to the exhibitor in respect of any actions, claims, expenses whatsoever which may be brought against or suffered or Incurred by the exhibitor as the result of the happening of any such events.


If the exhibitor, or their servants, agents of subcontractors should fail to remove all their property or otherwise fail to vacate the exhibition premises by the time set by the organiser, due to any cause whatsoever, the Organiser will hold the exhibitor fully responsible for any penalties imposed by the venue owner, or any other losses and costs incurred by the Organiser as a result of the exhibitor failing to vacate the premises by the agreed time.

INSURANCE OF EXHIBITS exhibitors or stand holders property

The Organisers do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage from any cause whatsoever, in respect of any property brought to the exhibition premises by exhibitors of stand holders of their servants, agents, subcontractors, or any other person, and the exhibitor or stand holder is required to indemnify the Organisers in respect of any such losses or damage of the exhibits or other property brought to premises whether it is their property or not.

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